Functions of CUFMC


  • Sub-County Commissioner or his representative
  • The Sub County Development Officer or his representative
  • The Sub-County Accountant responsible for national government operations within that constituency
  • The Sub-County representative of the national government Ministry responsible for youth and women affairs, who shall be an ex- officio member and the secretary to the Committee
  • The CDF Funds Account Manager- ex- officio member
  • A representative from each ward in the constituency nominated by the constituency member of Parliament
  • Two representatives from the constituency, one of whom shall be a male youth, nominated by the county women representative; and
  • One person with disability per constituency who shall be appointed by the county women representative
  • The Constituency Development Fund Committee shall provide administrative support to the Committee in each constituency.
  • The total number of ward representatives shall have equal number of either gender with the women quota providing for at least one female youth.
  • The Cabinet Secretary shall cause the names of persons Constituting the Committee to be published in the Gazette
  • On the first meeting of the Committee, there shall be an election of the chairperson from the representatives from the ward.
  • The Constituency Development Fund Manager, one officer from the Ministry and the sub-county development officers shall provide the necessary secretariat services to the Committee
  • The secretariat shall be primarily responsible to ensure compliance of the set guidelines on managing the fund, facilitate the disbursement of the funds and recovery of the same.

Functions of CUFMCs shall be to:-

  1. Identify the groups within the Constituency using guidelines as provided
  2. Receive applications from the groups
  3. Evaluate applications based on the guidelines for evaluation of applications
  4. Receive project proposals from institutions and consider the same for funding
  5. Make a decision on the groups that will receive funds
  6. Recommend disbursement of funds to qualified groups and institutions
  7. Undertake monitoring of the activities including makingofficial impromptu visits to the beneficiary groups and institutions
  8. Manage and oversee the implementation of the Fund at the constituency level
  9. Compile, update and forward progress reports to the Boardon a quarterly basis
  10. Provide oversight to the disbursements in their respectiveconstituencies.