Functions of The UWEZO Board

The Board has the following mandates: -

  • Provide overall management, design and oversight of the Fund;
  • Consider, verify and approve funding to the constituencies;
  • approve disbursement to the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committees;
  • Receive reports on the performance of the Fund from the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee established under regulation 15 of these Regulations;
  • Develop relevant guidelines and review them as the need arises, to guide the operations and implementation of the Fund;
  • Develop and facilitate sectoral linkage on the Fund;
  • Monitor and evaluate of the programmes and activities under the Fund;
  • Prepare an annual report on the operations and performance of the Fund to the Cabinet Secretary;
  • Oversee the management and administration of the Fund including recoveries from loans beneficiaries; and
  • Put in place necessary mechanisms for sanctions and their enforcements in case of loan repayment default.