Adherence to Ethical and Integrity Standards

Adherence to Ethical and Integrity Standards

Uwezo Fund Board Acting Chief Executive Officer, Wilfred Buyema has stressed on importance of adherence to ethical and integrity standards by Public Servants   to strengthen fight against corruption.

He said that Public Servants should adhere to ethical and integrity standards in the Public Service to enable the public to continue   enjoying effective, efficient and cost effective Service delivery from the Government saying that this will greatly help in the fight against corruption.

Speaking at the Kenya Wildlife   Services (KWS) training School on Sunday 22nd, this year, during a three days’ workshop for Uwezo fund staff on Ethics and Integrity in the Public Service Mr. Buyema said the   adherence to ethics and integrity by all Kenyans at individual and professional level, was key to the    attaining of the overalls development by the Country.

He reaffirmed the Uwezo Fund Boards commitment to fully comply with the Executive order no 6 on Ethics and Integrity in the Public Service signed by H.E the President of the Republic of Kenya on 6th, March, 2015 and urged the Uwezo Fund Staff to implement its Compliance Action Plan already submitted to the relevant offices and circulated to all of them.

 He said that the Uwezo Fund staff and directors will continue to support the on-going anti-corruption efforts by the Government with the aim of ensuring   that Kenya attains its agenda of transforming into a middle income Country by 2030.

Mr Buyema commended  the Uwezo Fund  Staff  for working tirelessly even during   weekends to ensure that the funds objective to “ expand  access to finance in promotion of youth and women businesses and  enterprises at constituency level for economic growth towards the realisation of the goals of vision 2030”, was realized.

Speaking on the Basic Tenets of Corporate Governance on Saturday 21st, over this weekend, Mr Buyema called on Public Servants to continue implementing their approved Work plans, with clearly stated activities and budget in good time to enable their organisations achieve their Performance Contract targets   thereby improving Service delivery to the public.

During the three days’ Workshop, the Uwezo Fund Staff were taken through diverse topics which included the Public Finance Management Act, 2012, Leadership and Integrity Act (chapter 6), Resolution of Public Complaints, Corruption Prevention, public procurement Disposals Act and Service Delivery Charters.

The participants were all the Uwezo Fund Staff who later participated in team Building activities.

By Monica A Omoro,

Corporate Affairs and Communications Manager.