Kenya Government and Toyota Kenya MoU

Kenya Government and Toyota Kenya MoU

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CS Anne Waiguru and Amb. Dennis Awori exchange copies of the MOU as Uwezo Fund CEO Mr. Wilfred Buyema (Right) and Toyota Kenya Managing Director Sachio YOtsukura looks on

The Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and the Toyota Kenya Foundation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding between them to collaborate to deliver the Uwezo Fund Capacity Building Programme valued at Ksh. 5 Million per financial year for Five Years.

The signing ceremony which took place on Tuesday 14th, April this year was between the Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary, Ms. Anne Waiguru, OGW and Amb. Dennis Awori, for Toyota Kenya Foundation at the Cabinet Secretary’s Boardroom, in Nairobi.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by the Uwezo Fund Board Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wilfred Buyema, and other representatives from the Uwezo Fund Board, the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and Toyota Kenya Foundation.

Speaking at the function, the Cabinet Secretary thanked Toyota Kenya for collaborating with the Ministry in undertaking Capacity building Programmes for the Uwezo Fund loan beneficiaries.

The Cabinet Secretary noted that these capacity building Programmes will enable the Ministry, through the Uwezo Fund, achieve its mandate of expanding access to finances in promotion of Youth and Women businesses and enterprises at the constituency level for economic growth towards the realization of the goals of Vision 2030.

Ambassador Awori said that the Capacity Building Programme will be undertaken by the Toyota Kenya Foundation, which is a non-profit making arm of the company and the training will be mostly in the areas of Agri- Business and Entrepreneurship to enable the Uwezo funds beneficiaries develop business skills in the field of Agriculture which is the backbone of Kenya’s economy.

In this Memorandum of understanding, the Toyota Foundation through a Company, VACID AFRICA will focus on integration of agriculture and business for small scale Farmers especially Women, Youth and Persons Living with Disabilities.

The Implementation of the training curriculum course will in areas namely Application of value chain tools to Agri-preneurship, Market and sell agricultural products, Manage records, Manage Finance and Financial Risks, Enterprise Planning and lastly Application of ICT Tools in Agri-preneurship.
The Programme will be more practical rather than theoretical with a demonstration farm in Wangige and their expected outcomes will be the up scaling and Capacity Building of current horticulture and livestock enterprises, Creation of awareness among horticulture & livestock business Stakeholders about the modern agribusiness start-ups.