Frequently Asked Questions

How does one apply for the fund?
Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria; Get an applicationform from your local CDF office;Fill the form and return it to the CDF office along with all the requirements. Visit this page: How To Apply
Of what importance is the capacity building programme and who will run it?

Capacity building is aimed at: i) creating awareness on Uwezo Fund ii) facilitating youth, women and PWDs to form businesses iii) enhancing youth, women and PWDs entrepreneurship capacity iv) facilitating fund beneficiaries to access government procurement opportunities v) linking youth, women and PWDs owned enterprises with corporate businesses and form forward market linkages for collaboration and support.

The capacity building programme will be run by service providers identified by the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. The CUFMCs will offer necessary support to the service providers

Who is in charge of the Fund at the Constituency level?
The area Member of Parliament is the patron at the Constituency level. The CUFMCs are mandated with overall management of the Fund at the constituency level
Who are the accounts signatories at the Constituency level?
The Sub-County Accountant and the CDF Fund Account Manager are mandatory signatories. The CUFMCs will nominate another two members to be signatories.
What criteria will be used to determine whether a group qualifies for the Fund?
  1. For a group—
    1. Is registered with the Department of Social Services, Co-operatives or the Registrar of Societies
    2. Has members aged between 18 and 35 years whereas the women’s groups shall be made up of women aged eighteen years and above.
      NB: Youth groups with members above 35 years are eligible as long as the group is 70% youth and 30% others and 100% youth leadership.The same applies to the women and PWD groups i.e. 70% women,men 30% and 100% women leadership; 70%PWD, 30% others and 100% PWD leadership.
    3. Is based and operational within the constituency it seeks to make an application for consideration.
    4. Operates a table banking structure or any other group fund structure where members make monthly contributions according to the groups’ internal guidelines (evidence of monthly contributions shall be a requirement).
    5. Hold a bank account in the name of the group.
  2. For an institution—
    1. Is a registered entity with the Registrar of Societies
    2. Has listed youth and women groups within it
Is there a deadline for the Uwezo Fund application?
There is no deadline, it is a revolving fund.
What is the interest incurred on the loan?
The loan does not attract interest
What is its repayment period?
Six months grace period and two years from the expiry of the grace period
The group should be made up of how many members?
The number of members within the group (minimum and/or maximum) is determined by the regulations set by the relevant registering authority i.e. the Department of Social Services, Co-operatives or the Registrar of Societies.
For how long should the group have been in existence for it to qualify for the fund?
There is no minimum required period of group existence as long as the group is practicing table banking and has evidence of monthly contribution
Can I apply for the Fund as an individual?
No the fund is only accessible to groups
How long does it take for the groups to get their funding after submission of the application?
The groups will get funding after vetting of their applications has been done by CUFMCs, and afterthey have been trained on four focus areas i.e. General Information on Uwezo Fund; Business Development Services and Mentoring; Table Banking Concept; and Access to Government Procurement Opportunities for youth, women and PWDs.
What measures are you taking to ensure transparency of the Fund so that it doesn’t fail like any other Fund?
  • At constituency offices the forms are serialized for accountability purposes
  • The beneficiary groups are displayed at the CDF offices and gazetted
What is the difference between the Uwezo Fund and the Youth Fund?

Uwezo Fund:

  • Is guided by Public Finance Management (Uwezo Fund) Regulation, 2014
  • Trains before receiving the funds is done
  • Operates table banking
  • Has no interest
  • Links the beneficiaries to 30% access to government procurement opportunity
  • Offers mentorship progammes to the fund beneficiaries
Is the capacity training of the Uwezo Fund the same as that of the Youth Fund?
No it is different, beneficiary are trained on four key focus areas namely:
  • General information on Uwezo Fund
  • Business Development Services and Mentorship programmes
  • Table banking
  • 30% Access to Government Procurement Opportunities
Why do applicants need to visit CDF Offices?
To collect and return the application forms and to be provided with whatever information on the Fund that the applicant may need or request for
Why do the CUFMC members have to sign the guarantee form for the money disbursed?
Committee members are gazetted and therefore are public officers working for and on behalf of the government
What if a man is in a women’s group, will they qualify?
Men will benefit from women’sgroups as long as the group is 70% women and men constitute 30%. However, leadership must be 100% women.
What about people who are above 35 years but in a youth group?
Youth groups with members above 35 years are eligible as long as the group is 70% youth and those above 35years of age make up 30%.Leadership must be100% youth.