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Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development

The Fund focuses on development of small group business enterprises as a direct financial loan service provider in partnership with other Government agencies and financial institutions. In addition, the Fund offers non-financial services to its beneficiaries to enable them to establish and/or expand their individual or group business enterprise needs.

In the Enterprise Development, we offer services that provide information, knowledge, skills as well as advice on the various aspects of a business. Our core business development services are:

Capacity Building

At the core of success in business is effective entrepreneurial training. The Fund will provide mandatory capacity building to all the beneficiaries as a pre-funding requirement. These trainings are carried out in the constituencies.

Capacity Building of Fund’s beneficiary groups is spearheaded by the respective Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committees country wide.

The training curriculum content includes:

  • General information of the Fund
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Group dynamics
  • Table banking
  • Business development services


Marketing is a fundamental pillar to successful entrepreneurship. The Fund supports its beneficiaries’ enterprises by linking them to access profitable markets through sponsorship to participate in National and International exhibitions and trade fairs, provision of marketing platforms for their products and documentation of success stories.