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Is the fund a loan or grant?

The fund is a loan aimed at empowering the women, youth and persons with disabilities at grassroot levels.

Meet the eligibility criteria, get an application form from NGCDF or the Sub-County Youth Development Officer’s office, fill out the form and return it to the office with all the requirements.

You can also access the loan application form from our website.

Capacity building is aimed at training the fund beneficiaries on General information about the Uwezo Fund, Business Development Services, and mentoring Table Banking, and Access to Government Procurement Opportunities.

  • To create awareness of the Uwezo Fund.
  • To facilitate youth, women, and PWDS to form businesses.
  • To enhance youth, women, and PWDS entrepreneurship capacity.
  • To facilitate fund beneficiaries to access government procurement opportunities.
  • To link youth, women, and PWDs owned enterprises with corporate businesses and form forward market linkages for collaboration and support

    The Capacity Building Programme will be run by the Constituencies Uwezo Fund Management Committee Secretariat.

At the constituency level the fund is implemented by the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee comprising officers from the national Government office and representatives from various wards nominated by the area Member of Parliament and County Women Representative.

For a group
  1. Is registered with the department of social services, Cooperatives or the Registrar of Societies

  2. Has members aged between 18 and 35 years whereas the women’s and PWDs groups shall be made up of women and PWDs aged eighteen years and above.

    NB: Youth groups with members above 35 years are eligible as long as the group is 70% youth and 30% others, 100% youth leadership, the same applies to the women and PWD groups i.e. 70% women and others 30%, 100% women leadership; 70% PWD and 30% others and 100%  PWD leadership

  3. Is based and operational at the constituency it seeks to make an application for consideration
  4. Operates a table banking structure or any other group fund structure where members make monthly contributions according to the groups’ internal guidelines (evidence of monthly contributions shall be a requirement)
  5. Hold a bank account in the name of the group.

For an institution
  1. Is a registered entity
  2. Has listed youth and women groups within it

There is no deadline, it is a revolving fund.

The loan does not attract interest

Six months grace period and twenty-four months from the expiry of the grace period

There is no maximum number of members in a group

There is no minimum required period of group existence as long as the group is practicing table banking and has evidence of monthly contribution

At constituency offices the forms are serialized for accountability purposes

The beneficiary groups are displayed at the NGCDF or Sub-County offices and disbursement of funds/loans is held in public forums.

The key result areas the Fund is focusing onto improve it’s performance are:-

1.    Constituency based loan recovery campaigns
2.    Continuous awareness creation and public education
3.    Continuous training
4.    Continuous follow up of the beneficiary groups
5.    Strengthening the capacity of the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committees
6.    Enhancing partnership development