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HE president William Ruto has officially opened the Nairobi International Trade Fair

HE president William Ruto has officially opened the Nairobi  International Trade Fair that is  ongoing at the Jamhuri Park
The Ministry's leadership  led by CS Hon. Simon  Chelugui,  PS  MSMEs,  Ms. Susan Mang'eni,  Uwezo Fund Chairperson Ms Anne Njuguna,  Board Member, Ms.Naomi Matheri and  the CEO Mr. Peter Lengapiani and CEOs of the Ministry's SAGAs  participated in the event.
It was a day that celebrated not just innovation and business acumen but also the enduring spirit of collaboration.
The Nairobi International show provides a  platform where innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses showcase their ingenuity.
The Ministry's leadership  visited the Ministry's  stand where it was exhibiting jjointly,  initiatives aimed at empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through financial support.
Uwezo Fund booth, was a symbolic gesture that spoke volumes about Government's commitment to supporting entrepreneurship at the grassroots level.
 At the booth, Uwezo Fund displayed the remarkable success stories of its beneficiaries, shining a spotlight on the Mathare Jirani Mwema youth group and the  Karanja Women Group, both of whom have flourished with the help of Uwezo Fund.
The Mathare Jirani Mwema youth group is renowned for their craftsmanship in leather products. From exquisite bags to fashionable shoes, their products were a testament to the transformation that can occur when entrepreneurial spirit is coupled with financial support.
Likewise, the Karanja Women Group, skilled in tailoring products, showcased their dedication and talent. Their elegant clothing and accessories were a testament to their hard work and the support they received from  Uwezo Fund.
What's more inspiring is that both groups are not just beneficiaries but also repeat borrowers of the Uwezo Fund, demonstrating its effectiveness in fostering sustainable businesses.