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Tunaweza Group

Tunaweza Group started as a friends group of People with Disabilities (PWDs) aimed at sensitizing society on PWDs. The group is currently engaged in making necklaces from recycled plastics, producing peanut butter, re-usable sanitary towels, and canvas bags from recycled materials. 
All the beneficiaries applauded the Uwezo Fund Initiative, stating that it has provided them with an opportunity to engage in meaningful work, earn incomes, and contribute to economic growth through empowerment. They testify that the support received from the Uwezo Fund has enhanced their earning potential, and they are indeed very grateful to the government. They encourage their fellow women, youth, and PWDs to embrace the opportunity provided by the Fund and benefit from interest-free products.
As repeat borrowers with successful repayments, they called upon other beneficiaries to repay promptly to enable the Fund to continue funding new applicants.
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